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A Chronology
Timeline through letters

The Derwent Banking Company opens an agency, the first banking facilities in Melbourne. Controlled by Charles Swanston, the bank supported the Port Phillip Association’s move into Port Phillip.


First land sales of Geelong town land are held in Sydney.
Charles Joseph La Trobe rides to Geelong and district, the first of over forty trips that he makes to Geelong and beyond.
Post offices open at Kilmore and Ovens (later Wangaratta), the fifth and sixth to open in the Port Phillip District after Melbourne, Geelong, Portland and Alberton.
Charles Joseph La Trobe sets out on horseback with two companions to explore South Gippsland.
The Melbourne Botanic Gardens are founded on a site of 120 acres selected by La Trobe; the director commences from the beginning of March.
Charles Joseph La Trobe returns to Melbourne from a four-month posting as Administrator of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)


Specimens of gold are discovered near Maldon and the Pyrenees.


‘Black Thursday’ bushfires break out on 6 February, when there is a reported shade temperature of 117 degrees (47 Celsius) in Melbourne – ten people die.
Ferdinand Mueller is appointed Government Botanist and sets off on a four-month journey of botanical exploration to the Victorian Alps and Wilsons Promontory.


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Compiled by Helen Armstrong, presentation by John Botham
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