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A Chronology
Timeline through letters

The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, a forerunner of the National Australia Bank, opens an agency in Melbourne.

Charles Joseph La Trobe makes a thirteen-day inspecting trip on horseback to Portland.
Charles Joseph La Trobe makes a fifteen-day inspecting trip on horseback to Port Fairy, Portland and Warrnambool.
The bluestone lighthouse at Williamstown’s Point Gellibrand, built with convict labour, is lit with four lights. It replaces an earlier timber tower built nine years earlier.
Charles Joseph La Trobe lays the foundation stone of the Geelong Infirmary and Benevolent Asylum, later known as the Geelong Hospital.
A rare crystalline gold nugget of 23 ounces (717 grams) is discovered at Mt Ivor, near present-day Heathcote, and is purchased by La Trobe – it’s now in the Natural History Museum, London.
Charles Joseph La Trobe approves the creation of Royal and Princes Parks from a large tract of land previously reserved for recreation purposes (4 square miles, 1,000 hectares, had been set aside in 1845).
Charles Joseph La Trobe retires as Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of Victoria; the population is 237,000 (compared with 6,000 when he arrived in 1839).


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Charles Joseph La Trobe                               A Chronology                               Timeline through letters

Compiled by Helen Armstrong, presentation by John Botham
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