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A Chronology
Timeline through letters

Captain William Lonsdale is appointed as first Police Magistrate (later Superintendent, then Sub-Treasurer and subsequently Colonial Secretary).


Charles Joseph La Trobe climbs Station Peak (now Flinders Peak) in the You Yangs and as a keen botanist delights in the wildflowers among the granite rock.
The Argus newspaper is taken over by Edward Wilson and becomes an unrelenting critic of Charles Joseph La Trobe.
Licences are first issued to gold diggers in Victoria.
Gold is discovered at Ballarat.
Charles Joseph La Trobe lays the foundation stone of the Geelong Railway Terminus.


The first locomotive steam railway line in Australia opens between Melbourne and Sandridge (Port Melbourne), a distance of two and a quarter miles.
The first Statistical Register of Victoria, compiled by William Archer and proofread by La Trobe, is published.
The first cricket match is played on the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


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Charles Joseph La Trobe                               A Chronology                               Timeline through letters

Compiled by Helen Armstrong, presentation by John Botham
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